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The Paul Dergarabedian Season Is Alive and Well

Paul DergarabedianCourtesy of IFC Films

Our favorite obvious-stater Paul Dergarabedian was hard at work this weekend, chatting with reporters from rival wire services the AP and Reuters about the summer box office so far. We’ve puzzled all morning over which of his quotes is the dimmest and have been forced to declare it a toss-up.

To Reuters: “It’s a very crowded and unusually competitive August marketplace.”

To the AP: “The summer movie season is alive and well even as we are moving into the home stretch.”

Sigh. You could replace Paul Dergarabedian with a robot and the only noticeable change would be a slight uptick in the insight of his quotes.

’Bourne Ultimatum’ gives ‘The Simpsons’ the boot [Reuters via Boston Globe]
’Bourne’ rings up highest August opening ever [AP via Dallas Morning News]

The Paul Dergarabedian Season Is Alive and Well