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Tina Fey Battles Video Games With Her Reproductive System

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“My husband used to play Halo. He used to have a bunch of SNL writers come over and play Halo. In my apartment they had this thing where they rigged three or four TVs together. They had them on a rolling cart and they’d play, and play online. Then guess what happened? I had a baby. That shut it all down.” Tina Fey on how women can get their men to stop gaming [IGN]

“It’s going to be a real political year and I’d hate for the show to have to seek somebody out to play Obama when they have me sitting there.” —SNL’s Kenan Thompson, who plans to lose 60 pounds so he can portray Barack Obama on the show this season [Starpulse]

“I believe that she misunderstood it. She went down the wrong road and couldn’t figure out how to get back to the right one. I felt really badly for her.” —Miss Teen USA host Mario Lopez on the botched response of contestant Lauren Caitlin Upton during the pageant’s Q&A (see it here!) [World Net Daily]

“I need the same dark romantic yearning. I had been watching all these movies, like True Romance and Harold and Maude and The Hunger and Bonnie and Clyde, and I started wondering where that sort of feeling had gone.” Marilyn Manson on why his fairly conventional marriage didn’t work for him [OC Register via PopMatters]

“People often tell me they dressed like me for a Halloween party, like I’ve never heard that before. I go, ‘Really? Oh, who’d have thought?’” Malcolm McDowell on how his role in A Clockwork Orange is a costume go-to [Globe and Mail]
—Elizabeth Black

Tina Fey Battles Video Games With Her Reproductive System