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We Are Giving Zac Efron the Silent Treatment

Zac and a bunch of dummies.Photo: Getty Images

We’re not talking to Zac right now. Yesterday, in an open letter to him, we pleaded for the handsome and probably really, really sweet High School Musical star to accept Disney’s offer of one meeelion dollars to appear in the franchise’s next sequel, and we’ve yet to hear any announcements — never mind a personal word — from him. But it’s hard to stay mad at Zac, in the same way that it’s hard not to get lost in his eyes. Especially when you’re furtively reading everything you can find about him online and see all the dumb, uninformed, stupid things people write about him. (And offensive posters they make of him!) As a favor to Zac, whom we still love despite everything, we’ve compiled some of these dumb things and written responses to them. You Zac haters are about to get served! — Nick Catucci

ATLmalcontent: “Isn’t it a bit creepy that a kid named Zac has graduated from tween wet dream to full-blown sex symbol (according to People, Rolling Stone, et al) overnight?” Whatever!

Day Old News: “Have you seen HSM 2? I promise it’s good for a laugh, especially when Zac is leaping around the golf corse [sic] in all black like Danny Zuko in Grease…” You’re good for a laugh!

Treycruz.com: “Zac Efron sure does love his Robeks smoothie … and we definitely love the green muscle shirt on him. Does anyone see a farmers tan?” No!

Strikingly B: “I finally got to hear Zac Efron’s real voice. At first I was bothered by it cause it wasn’t as smooth and suave as Andrew Seely’s voice, but in the end, I sort of ‘embarassingly’ [sic] liked it.” You’re embarrassing!

OMG Blog: “Zac Efron … has cast a spell over all the young girls of America with his gay-facey good looks, but I always just thought he looked like an awkward teen who overdosed on Proactiv Solution.” Does not!

Taylor’s Entertainment News: “To look at this Zac Efron makes my eyes burn. A 19-year-old should not look this good. Please don’t think I’m a bad mom!!” Mother!

We Are Giving Zac Efron the Silent Treatment