‘Weeds’: Catfight!


A Pool and His Money
Season 3 Episode 2

Quick, reader, look behind you!Photo: Courtesy of Showtime

Some nasty, legitimately disturbing stuff went down in Agrestic last night. Drug thug U-Turn dry-humped the kitchen bench in a slow, threatening motion; Sanjay got raped by a woman in a hot-peach halter top; Heylia and Nancy punched and bit each other to pieces — in a toe-curling, not-at-all silly way; amid breakdowns, Celia and Doug engaged in unsexy sex in a sweaty, blubbering, and not-at-all charming midlife-crisis kind of way. And most heart-wrecking of all, Conrad left Nancy to squirm at the increasingly sinister U-Turn’s feet.

Yes, the Tarantino-esque lunacy continued in a how-will-it-end kind of way. Nancy owes a boatload of cash, and Conrad is readying himself for a lifetime of MILF-weed farming servitude. But in between it all, there were some really sweet and really funny moments giving us hope that maybe our wacky, robust suburban satire is back on track. “Where were you trying to go?” big brother Silas asked recently rescued little brother Shane, the two sitting side by side in jail. “I don’t even know anymore,” Shane replied. True dat, nodded Silas, later extending a very touching pat to his possum-eyed bro. Meanwhile, Celia’s plus-size daughter, Isabelle, by far the sassiest, savviest, quickest-evolving character, is getting the best lines and scenes: “Dad, Mom’s passed out in the atrium,” she announced before flopping on the couch with a giant hot-fudge sundae. That’s the kind of disturbing we can get into. —Emma Pearse

‘Weeds’: Catfight!