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We’re Just Not That Into Ben Affleck

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Affleck Is Just Not That Into You: Ben Affleck has signed on to become a part of the ensemble cast of New Line’s comedy adaptation He’s Just Not That Into You. So let’s see … Ben Affleck. Drew Barrymore. Jennifer Aniston. Based on a self-help book. From the director of License to Wed. It’s not that we’re just not that into this movie, it’s more like we already hate it. [Variety]

Rock to Climb Witch Mountain: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will star in Walt Disney Pictures’ Witch Mountain, which will pick up where Disney’s 1975 film Escape to Witch Mountain left off. Finally! We’ve been waiting to see what would happen since we were 1 year old! [Variety]

Springsteen Back on E Street: Bruce Springsteen reunites with the E Street Band for a sixteen-date tour this fall before heading for Europe. The much-beloved band will play tunes from their new album, Magic, including the leadoff single “Radio Nowhere.” When that doesn’t work, they’ll play “Born to Run.” [Billboard]

Snyder Illustrated: Zack Snyder (300) is attached to direct an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classic collection of science-fiction stories The Illustrated Man. Between this, his Dawn of the Dead remake, and his forthcoming film of Watchmen, Snyder is officially hogging all the good source material. [HR]

Johnston, Eisenberg, Weiss face Scarcity: 3rd Rock From the Sun’s Kristen Johnston, Jesse Eisenberg, and Michael T. Weiss are set to fill out the cast of the Atlantic Theater Company’s upcoming production of Lucy Thurber’s Scarcity, a searing family drama that … wait, Michael T. Weiss? NBC’s The Pretender? Oh, man! This is gonna be awesome! [Playbill]

We’re Just Not That Into Ben Affleck