When Rap Magazine Editors Go Wild

50 Cent, Kanye West, and XXL editor Elliott WilsonPhotos:Getty Images (50 Cent, West), Patrick McMullan (Wilson)

Beefing rappers Kanye West and 50 Cent will share an upcoming cover of Rolling Stone — everybody wins! Well, almost everybody. Elliott Wilson, XXL magazine’s classy editor-in-chief, is upset, naturally, since he’d already booked Kanye for their next cover (see it here), and he’s fighting back on the magazine’s Website:

“[C]an I get a fuck you to all you hip-hop fucks who prioritize the crackers in the mainstream above us. Y’all make me sick to my stomach.”

And don’t expect Wilson to take this sitting down. Actually, scratch that:

“[I w]ill prolly leak my Kanye cover tmw late, early Mon, or maybe Sunday afternoon while I’m taking a shit. [West’s publicist] Gabe [Tesoriero] can eat a big fat dick!”

Sounds like Elliott’s just as excited about Superbad as we are!

Take a Picture [XXL]

When Rap Magazine Editors Go Wild