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When We Say Selma Blair Has a Big Head, We Mean She Actually Has Big Head

She wasn’t kidding.Photo: Getty Images

“I’m a character actress. I don’t bleach my teeth, I chain-smoke, I’m flat-chested, I don’t mind being nude, I’m not precious, I’m pale as a ghost, I have crow’s feet, and I believe I can play anybody.” Selma Blair on her career [Dazed and Confused via Just Jared]

“The place was filthy and needed a good clean for the comfort of passengers. There didn’t seem to be any staff around. I know some of the other passengers thought it was as bizarre but to me it was quite a logical thing to do.” Jeremy Irons, who took it upon himself to mop the floor at Ireland’s Shannon Airport [PR Inside]

“On FX you can show the sides [of naked torsos] and you can show the backsides of both men and women, but of course no frontal nudity. Yet there are a lot of swears you can use, and you can reach sexual climax.” — Rescue Me actress Callie Thorne on the limitations of basic cable [TV Guide]

“If I’m in the studio, I smoke about a pack and a half a day. If I’m at home, with the wife and the fam, I smoke about five cigarettes a day. And if I’m at a Sabbath concert, I just fucking eat ‘em.” Dave Grohl on his biggest vice [Rolling Stone]

“I can’t think of anything more boring than writing a song about the Democratic Party and how I’ll always vote Democratic.” Suzanne Vega on her music being labeled political [Reuters]
—Elizabeth Black

When We Say Selma Blair Has a Big Head, We Mean She Actually Has Big Head