Will Oldham, Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen

Will Oldham: So what? He’s drunk.Photo: Danny Fontaine / Retna

1. Bonnie “Prince” Billy with Matt Sweeney, “Ignition (Remix)” (R. Kelly cover)
Will Oldham’s appearance in Trapped in the Closet now makes a little more sense. Let’s hope R. Kelly cameos on Old Joy 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold. [Berkeley Place]

2. The Coathangers, “Nestle in My Boobies”
The Coathangers out-Donna the Donnas by having faster songs, catchier choruses, and a willingness to use the word “boobies.” [Mainstream Isn’t So Bad]

3. The Weakerthans, “Civil Twilight”
They took a few years off, but the band best known for playing over the credits to Wedding Crashers is back with a big, shiny mope rocker. Plus, they’re Canadian, so you can listen to them at a discount. [Faronheit]

4. Hole, “Phonebill Song”
The release of Courtney Love’s new arena-friendly solo album is imminent, but this track reminds us all of a time when Courtney’s sound was unfriendly to just about everybody. [Lame Stain Northwest]

5. Rilo Kiley, “Dejalo”
Under the Blacklight’s best song is a delightful bilingual romp; perhaps the band should ditch being the new Fleetwood Mac and aim for being the new Los Lobos instead. [Carl Sandburg Visits]
—Kyle Anderson

Will Oldham, Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen