50 Cent Looks Back in Anger

Photo: Miroux / Dalle / Retna

1. 50 Cent, “Smile (I’m Leaving)”
With his constant bickering and inexplicable decision to leave his best song off his album, 50 Cent is now officially the Oasis of hip-hop. [Nah Right]

2. Hadouken!, “Liquid Lives”
Anybody who understands the reference this band’s name makes probably hasn’t seen a naked woman in real life. [Una Rocks]

3. Shout Out Louds, “Tonight I Have to Leave It”
Shout Out Louds should not be confused with Shout Out Out Out or the Screamers. [Parasites]

4. The National, “Apartment Story”
Boxer is looking like a contender for album of the year, and they just shot a feel-good video for this feel-bad song. [IFMV]

5. Swervedriver, “Rave Down”
With all this buzz about a possible My Bloody Valentine reunion, it’s time to recognize some of the other great shoegazers from that alternate universe called the nineties. [ISYE]
—Kyle Anderson

50 Cent Looks Back in Anger