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‘Agent Zigzag’ Sells to New Line for $1 Million?

Courtesy of Harmony Books

Did you, as we did, read last week’s review of Ben Macintyre’s book Agent Zigzag in the New York Times and think, Boy, does that sound like a movie? After all, it’s a nonfiction book about a greedy ex-con turned double agent who spied for England during World War II even as Germany thought he was spying for them. He fed the Germans fake plans, passed German technology along to England, and even got close enough to Hitler to suggest assassinating him, while still being awarded the Iron Cross by the Nazis. He also partied hard enough to be hung-over during missions and spent his free time rigging dog races.

Well, it turns out the story might be a movie, as we’re hearing New Line just outbid Warner Bros. for the movie rights, paying Macintyre about a million dollars in a deal struck by CAA’s Bob Bookman. Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) is rumored to adapt. Tom Hanks’s Playtone will produce, and wouldn’t he do a nice job in the lead role, too?

Service and Lies: A Spy Plays Two Sides [NYT]

‘Agent Zigzag’ Sells to New Line for $1 Million?