‘Angel’ Returns for Season Six … But Not on TV

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Joss Whedon freaks (like us!) will be excited to hear that Angel — the WB drama that started as a mediocre spinoff of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and wound up, five seasons later, as one of the best shows on TV — is returning for a sixth season. When we last saw Angel, the vampire with a soul, back in 2004, he, Spike, and their friends were facing down about a million hellish monsters in a dark and rainy alley. “Personally, I kinda wanna slay the dragon,” Angel said, and the series ended in blackout. It was a great series-ending episode, but we always wished we could find out what happened next.

But now Whedon is bringing Angel back, in comic-book form, for season six. Launching in November, the series follows the lead of the phenomenally successful Buffy: Season Eight, which has been awesomely carrying the story of the Slayer forward since this spring. Unlike the Buffy comics, the Angel series doesn’t look like it’ll be written by Whedon, but we’re still really, embarrassingly excited for this.

Ain’t It Cool News has a preview of the first five pages, and it turns out that Angel didn’t slay that dragon … he made friends with it! Nonetheless, he still seems pretty badass, plus he’s thinner than David Boreanaz, which is nice.

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‘Angel’ Returns for Season Six … But Not on TV