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Anna Faris Sucks

Anna Faris.Photo: Getty Images

Faris in Deep: Anna Faris will star as porn star Linda Lovelace in an upcoming biopic on the Deep Throat actress. Her parents must be thrilled! [MTV]

Chronic Lateness: Dr. Dre told the Los Angeles Times this morning that his long-delayed final album, Detox, won’t be released this year. Translation: It will never, ever come out. [LAT]

Gabba Gabba Sue: Former Ramones drummer Richard “Ricchie Ramone” Reinhardt is suing Apple, Wal-Mart, and RealNetworks, claiming they didn’t have permission to sell downloads of six songs he cowrote. [Reuters]

Sex and the City Movie Spoilers!: A spy on the set of the forthcoming Sex and the City movie reports that one of the film’s main characters will experience a major, life-changing event. If you didn’t want to know that, then whatever you do, don’t read the previous sentence! [AICN]

Who?: Rose McGowan was allegedly close to a starring role in the Wachowski brothers’ upcoming film version of Speed Racer, but lost the part after producers thought her recent plastic surgery left her “unrecognizable.” We thought it was Grindhouse that made her unrecognizable! [NYDN]

Anna Faris Sucks