Arcade Fire: Now Even More Arcade Fire–y

Photo: Toby Williams / Camera Press / Retna

1. Arcade Fire, “Maps” (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
Arcade Fire turn a song that already sounded like an Arcade Fire song into an even more Arcade Fire–y song. Which involves organs, we guess. [Minneapolis Fucking Rocks]

2. Legrand, “Brainy”
Scandinavia! Eventually, in order to enjoy indie rock, you’ll have to become fluent in Swedish and eat your weight in fermented herring. [Alien Hits]

3. Hot Springs, “Headrush”
Of course, if the Swedes don’t conquer, then the Canadians will, so it’ll be learning snotty French phrases and enjoying poutine. [New Music]

4. Th’Legendary Shack*Shakers, “Hellwater”
This chicken-fried trio from Kentucky plays batter-dipped blues garage that is as authentic as straight whiskey on the front porch. [Nine Bullets]

5. Twista feat. Kanye West, “Well It’s Time”
Around a Kanye-produced beat featuring a Feist sample, Twista raps fast about rapping fast. A side note: With West making the indie-rock rounds, who will he channel next? Let’s hope Super Furry Animals or My Morning Jacket. [Gilmore Boy]
Kyle Anderson

Arcade Fire: Now Even More Arcade Fire–y