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Barry Manilow and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Don’t Fall in Love

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Manilow’s Off The View: Barry Manilow’s appearance on The View tomorrow has been canceled after the singer demanded that Elisabeth Hasselbeck not be there for his performance. “I strongly disagree with her views. I think she’s dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her.” Producers say there was a time when they might’ve complied with his request, but that was 30 years ago when he used to not quite blow. [TMZ]

Ferrell and McKay Get HBO Show: HBO has picked up an untitled comedy series produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. The show is about a professional baseball player turned substitute gym teacher. Presumably someone will get kicked in the groin. [HR]

No Transformers 2 for a While: Acclaimed blower-upper of various things Michael Bay says he’ll put Transformers 2 on the back burner while he works on another movie to be completed before the upcoming writer-director-actor strike. No word on what it is yet, but it’s probably a period drama. [/Film]

Kid Nation Too Awesome for Critics? Vulture’s favorite show, Kid Nation, is not being screened for critics, which means it’s either really crappy, or really face-searingly, bleach-ingestingly excellent. Find out which Wednesday night on CBS! [HR]

Albrecht Gets New Job: Ex–HBO chairman Chris Albrecht has been hired to head IMG. His first act at the production company/talent agency will be to fill out some paperwork for human resources. [Variety]

Barry Manilow and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Don’t Fall in Love