Ben Silverman Fights Dirty

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The feud between NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman and ABC president of entertainment Steve McPherson has remained on a low simmer since July, when McPherson angrily accused Silverman of stabbing his best friend in the back. At the time, we speculated that Silverman seemed like the kind of guy who might fight dirty, and it seems like we’re right. Defamer finds the YouTube preview of Silverman’s interview tonight on CNBC, and Silverman hits ABC’s McPherson where it hurts.

“New comedies are not [getting any buzz] because Cavemen, it’s one of the new comedies,” Silverman wickedly says to Michael Eisner, “and it’s got no — it’s more like, ‘Can they really make a show out of those Geico ads?’”

Striking at Cavemen seems sort of unfair, though, since McPherson is only airing the show because operatives from the Geico corporation kidnapped his parents. At least we assume that’s the explanation.

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Ben Silverman Fights Dirty