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‘Bionic Woman’ Is the Fall TV Season’s First Hit

Courtesy of NBC

After a bunch of new fall TV shows posted fine-but-not-great numbers in their premieres, NBC’s Bionic Woman became the first of the new series to break out in the ratings. Wednesday night’s premiere of the show — from Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick — gave NBC its highest ratings for a Wednesday night premiere since 1999’s The West Wing. Bionic even built on its lead-in, Deal or No Deal, to beat ABC’s eagerly-awaited Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice (though Practice also posted good numbers, and can be easily called a success as well).

We’re pretty excited that Bionic did well, because way back in May, we declared our love for the show but fretted about its commercial prospects, calling it “quirky enough to have ‘early cancellation’ written all over it.” Happily, it looks like we were wrong, and it could well be the season’s first breakout hit. At last, America’s nerd TV watchers, gay TV watchers, and bionic TV watchers have found a show about which they can all agree!

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‘Bionic Woman’ Is the Fall TV Season’s First Hit