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Matthew McConaughey Is a Golden God; Jerry Bruckheimer Could Buy and Sell You

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McConaughey Brings the Thunder: Matthew McConaughey replaces the hospitalized Owen Wilson for a featured appearance in the Ben StillerJack Black comedy Tropic Thunder. What would cause McConaughey to accept a cameo at a Hawaiian location with such short notice? Might he wish to … take his shirt off? [Variety]

Garner Haunts McConaughey: Speaking of The Shirtless One, he lands a co-star in Jennifer Garner for his New Line romantic comedy Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, about a bachelor visited by apparitions of his past girlfriends. One question: Why are they all dead? Are we sure this is a romantic comedy? [HR]

CBS Bows Before Bruckheimer: Jerry Bruckheimer, along with Judge Dredd (and, okay, CSI) director Danny Cannon, signs massive deal estimated at $25 to $30 million to produce drama for CBS based on the British sci-fi miniseries 11th Hour, about a scientist and his female bodyguard who save people from “the worst abuses of science.” It will be terrible. [HR]

Spears and Manager Part Ways: Britney Spears parts company with new manager Jeff Kwatinetz of the Firm after only a month. Spears is reportedly seeking a new manager, who will also fail to rein in her crazy-ass behavior. [Billboard]

Reynolds Seeks Adventureland: Ryan Reynolds will topline Greg Mottola’s follow-up to Superbad, titled Adventureland, about an aspiring rock star who inspires a kid working a degrading job at an amusement park. The presence of Reynolds threatens, but does not definitively compromise, this film’s chances of being The Greatest Movie of All Time, Part 2. [Variety]

Ryan Adams Prolific: Ryan Adams will release a new album, Follow the Lights, on October 23, hot on the heels of this spring’s Easy Tiger. “What?” cry his fans in shock and glee. “Another album already? From a Kubrickian recluse like Ryan Adams? Oh, happy day!” [Billboard]

Matthew McConaughey Is a Golden God; Jerry Bruckheimer Could Buy and Sell You