Boy Beauty! Girl Geek!

Courtesy of the CW

A publicist from the CW just e-mailed us this photo, which reveals that tomorrow’s premiere of Beauty and the Geek will finally, after three seasons, include a boy beauty and a girl geek. The Futon Critic has the full press release, which notes that the boy beauty is named Sam; he’s a party promoter from California. Meanwhile, the girl geek is named Nicole; she’s a musicology grad student in San Francisco.

New York’s Jada Yuan told us that she thinks this is gonna be exactly like that Rachael Leigh Cook movie She’s All That. We can only hope Jada’s right, and anxiously await the episode where Nicole takes off her glasses, shakes out her hair, and is revealed actually to be a gorgeous supermodel.

Beauty and the Geek [PR via The Futon Critic]

Boy Beauty! Girl Geek!