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Cate Blanchett Announces Plans to Jump Indiana Jones’s Bones

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“It’s weird, because I feel like I know all the movies as an audience [member]. I know all the lighting, I know all the elements. But it’s coming together in a new way. And Harrison looks fucking great.” Cate Blanchett, who is currently filming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [EW]

“People often ask me that about politics as well, but I look really rotten in a suit and tie.” —Musician and activist Billy Bragg on why he won’t run for office [Reuters]

“I know we had specific conversations about [continuing to bleep the bad language] in the event that the show went to Showtime. Would we eliminate the bleeps on the profanity? Across the board, everybody said, ‘No. You keep the bleeps in.’ It’s funnier.” Jason Bateman on bleeping the bleeps on Arrested Development [MTV]

“I’m cancer-free, my (breasts) are great and I’m extremely, extremely rich.” Suzanne Pleshette, who maintains a positive attitude and bank statement despite recent health issues [AP]

“Comedy is a very cokey, druggy sugar. You get hits of comedy, and it’s very ‘More, give me more of that stuff’,’ because serotonin is being released in the brain. So it’s basically, everyone becomes serotonin junkies, and we are serotonin dealers. And that’s what being a comedian is about. But if you’re a dramatic actor, I think you’re more someone who gives vitamins and minerals and proteins and carbohydrates. Like a meal.” Eddie Izzard on the FDA standards that define drama and comedy [AV Club]
—Elizabeth Black

Cate Blanchett Announces Plans to Jump Indiana Jones’s Bones