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Charlize Theron Makes Anti-Capitalist Agitation Hot Again

Why is this man smiling? Oh, right.Photo: Getty Images

ThinkFilm Joins Theron in Battle: ThinkFilm out-courts other Toronto suitors to acquire Stuart Townsend’s directing debut, Battle in Seattle, starring Townsend’s sweetheart Charlize Theron, who presumably draws on every shred of sexy charisma in her arsenal to carry a film set during the riots accompanying the 1999 World Trade Organization’s Seattle convention. [Backstage]

Here Come the Suns: Steven Zaillian will adapt and direct the film of Khaled Hosseini’s best-seller A Thousand Splendid Suns, about the friendship between two Muslin women, both married to the same man, in war-torn Afghanistan. Scott Rudin produces for Columbia. [Variety]

Cartoon Network Snares Duchovny: The Cartoon Network wants to work with David Duchovny so badly, they’ll green-light a show that’s not a cartoon. Duchovny will executive-produce an untitled live-action show about a junior-high-school kid who turns his AV club show into a citywide broadcast of hard-hitting journalism. [HR]

Middle-Aged People to Topline Horror Flick: As a formalist experiment, Lionsgate will try filming a horror movie with somber character actors instead of hot teenagers, as Elias Koteas and Martin Donovan join Virginia Madsen in The Haunting in Connecticut. [Backstage]

More Strike-Spawned Goodness!: Will the upcoming writer, director, and actor strikes never stop giving? Max Makowski, director of several straight-to-DVDs you’ve never heard of, takes the reigns of Legendary Pictures’ big-screen adaptation of Kung Fu, following the departure of the Hughes Brothers. [Backstage]

Charlize Theron Makes Anti-Capitalist Agitation Hot Again