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Clive Owen Insanely Jealous of Christian Bale

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“It seems strange — a lot of actors I’ve met since making 3:10 to Yuma say ‘Ah, damn, you got to make a Western.’” Christian Bale on getting to live out the cowboy fantasy [AV Club]

“I’d love to do a Western.” Clive Owen, proving that Christian Bale is not making things up [Coming Soon]

“He didn’t wear a modesty pouch during that scene — so I was face to face with little Hank for a long time.” Simon Pegg on shooting a locker-room scene with Hank Azaria in Run, Fatboy, Run [PR Inside]

“At one point [another script] had me working in Vegas as a lounge guy, a Vegas shyster guy. Then there was another one where I was a trial lawyer.” Corey Feldman on what the various Goonies sequels he’s come across have done to his character, the truffle-shuffle-enforcing Mouth [MTV]

“I wouldn’t want to be that ass. He’s got a tremendous ego. I get to pretend I don’t.” Stephen Colbert on his TV persona [NYDN]
—Elizabeth Black

Clive Owen Insanely Jealous of Christian Bale