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Critical Catfight: ‘Times’ Music Critics Square Off

Times pop critic Jon Pareles, chillaxing.Photo: Getty Images

New York Times pop critic Kelefa Sanneh opens his review of the new Chamillionaire record thusly: “Chamillionaire begins his new album with a stanza that should chasten anyone who has ever wished rappers would address current events.”

Who could he be talking about? Possibly the paper’s other music critic, Jon Pareles, who, in classic old, white-liberal fashion, argued last week that Kanye West’s Graduation isn’t as good as either of his two previous albums because he stopped rapping about current events and started talking about himself.

Hey, we know this is lame, but it’s definitely the best beef that Kanye’s had anything to do with all year.

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Critical Catfight: ‘Times’ Music Critics Square Off