Diddy Plays Third Wheel

Photo: Wireimage

1. 50 Cent feat. Jay-Z and Diddy, “I Get Money (remix)”
What’s Diddy doing here? We have absolutely no idea. [Nah Right]

2. Dogs Die in Hot Cars, “Eighties”
The horribly named Dogs Die in Hot Cars announced their breakup this week, and while they always conjured up horrible images of pet abuse, the songs were delightfully snappy Britpop jangles with an occasional faux-ska twist. [I Guess I’m Floating]

3. The Smiths, “Purple Haze” (Jimi Hendrix cover)
Playing teary dirges all those years must have really frustrated Johnny Marr, especially knowing he was packing this sort of savagery. He does Hendrix’s signature song well. [Dead Flowers]

4. DJ Shadow feat. Zach de la Rocha, “March of Death”
Among rock fans, the Rage Against the Machine front man’s solo album is the most anticipated record not named Chinese Democracy. Supposedly it’s done, and we hope it sounds a lot like this jolt of cinematic hip-hop that cuts like a rebel bayonet. [Culture Bully]

5. Division Day, “Enjoy the Silence” (Depeche Mode cover)
“Enjoy the Silence” is one of those songs that sounds great no matter who is behind the cover. Until now. [Rock Sellout]
—Kyle Anderson

Diddy Plays Third Wheel