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Edward Norton and Brad Pitt Are Back in the Club

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Norton, Pitt in a State of Play: Edward Norton reunites with Fight Club co-star Brad Pitt for State of Play, the Kevin MacDonald–directed adaptation of the acclaimed British miniseries in which a journalist (Pitt) investigates the death of the mistress of a congressman (Norton), who in turn discovers that the reporter is just a figment of his male insecurity and he’s actually investigating himself. [Variety]

Polanski Flees Pompeii: Roman Polanski has pulled out of directing Pompeii, a planned $100 million epic focusing on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, citing production problems stemming from the upcoming Screen Actors Guild and Director’s Guild contract deadlines on June 30. So if Polanski is hit by a bus anytime in the next year, his swan song will have been cavity-searching Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3. [Variety]

Weinstein Company Reads Romero’s Diary: The Weinstein Company has acquired George Romero’s Diary of the Dead, Romero’s much-buzzed-about reboot of his zombie franchise, for $2-2.5 million. Some may consider the purchase surprising, given that WeinsteinCo also released Grindhouse and thus became one of the few companies in film history to actually lose money on zombies. [HR]

Celine Dion Taking Chances: Celine Dion is calling her November 13 album, Taking Chances, her best English-language work. So think about that before you sneer, record-buyers: For the new Celine Dion album to be any awesomer, it would have to be in French. [Billboard]

Lucas, Brody Find Death in Love: Josh Lucas and Adam Brody join Lukas Haas and Jacqueline Bisset in Death in Love, directed by Boaz Yakin from his own script. No joke, just a sincere hope that this means a return to the pre-Bruckheimer, pre–Uptown Girls Yakin, that’s all. [HR]

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt Are Back in the Club