Emmy DickWatch: Will Justin and Andy Get to Sing?

Courtesy of NBC (box), ATAS (statue)

E! Online reports that the producers of the Emmy Awards are still negotiating with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg about whether they’ll be allowed to perform their Emmy-nominated SNL song, “Dick in a Box,” during the awards telecast September 16. Apparently, they are worried that the junk-related content of the song might be too racy for a prime-time audience and have asked Timberlake and Samberg to come up with an alternate version. The singers have refused, and though we kind of wish they would agree — because the idea of “Dick in a Box” with all that’s objectionable about somehow removed strikes us as really funny — we fully support their valiant battle against the dark specter of censorship.

Will the Emmys see reason? Will J-Tim and A-Sam finally get their moment of awards-show glory? Will they wear those funny little Color Me Badd beards? Vulture will cover the delicate negotiations for as long as it takes for justice to be done.

Emmy Update: Timberlake Not Doing “Dick”? [E!]
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Emmy DickWatch: Will Justin and Andy Get to Sing?