Foo Fighters Rock Out, Mock Emo

Photo: Ian Georgeson / TSPL / Retna

1. Foo Fighters, “Cheer Up Boys (Your Makeup Is Running)”
Yes, Dave Grohl hates Pete Wentz just as much as you do. [Berkeley Place]

2. Tetris = Therapy, “Bright”
This Danish dance-rock combo could have taken it so much further, as we find that Metroid Prime 3and Bioshock both equal therapy as well. [Stytzer]

3. The Flys, “Got You (Where I Want You)”
This fine post-grunge song, rescued from the soundtrack to the 1998 Katie Holmes vehicle Disturbing Behavior, should make you yearn for a simpler time when Suri’s mom was little more than a bad actress. [So Relevant]

4. Grand National, “Joker and Clown”
No, it’s not a b-side from Prince’s Batman soundtrack, but rather a lilting little ditty from the second-finest Britpop duo around (for those wondering, Pete Doherty and crack cocaine are still tops in our hearts). [Instrumental Analysis]

5. Bobby Byrd, “I Know You Got Soul”
Longtime James Brown sideman Byrd passed away this week. Eric B. & Rakim famously sampled this track for their song of the same name, and it’s the rare occasion where both songs are excellent. As opposed to “I’m Coming Out” / “Mo Money Mo Problems.” There’s got to be a way to blame 50 Cent for that, right? [Somewhat Velvet] —Kyle Anderson

Foo Fighters Rock Out, Mock Emo