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Is Ryan on ‘The Office’ a Thinly Veiled Ben Silverman?

Courtesy of NBC, Getty Images

Our ears perked up during last night’s season premiere of The Office, when onetime temp Ryan, now promoted to corporate in New York, described himself as a “wunderkind.” That he did so while clearly reinventing himself as a cool guy — black dress shirt, black tie, three days of stubble — made us laugh. We’re pretty sure the writers on The Office are having a little fun with their executive producer, NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman.

Could Ryan — who leapt from an internship to a position of power in record time — be a thinly-veiled portrait of Silverman, who in his first job famously rose from assistant to Director of Development in one day? Will we soon see Ryan ringing Dunder-Mifflin chimes, talking shit about other paper companies, and boldly announcing revivals of moronic Dunder-Mifflin products from twenty years ago? There’s really no evidence whatsoever that our theory is true, but we are sticking by it nonetheless.

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Is Ryan on ‘The Office’ a Thinly Veiled Ben Silverman?