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Jason Bateman Owes Film Career to Blackmail

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“I have incriminating photos of her that she’s trying to get back from me. So she figures, ‘I’ll get him in The Kingdom, I’ll get him in Juno.’ She’s close. I told her it was going to take three films.” Jason Bateman on how he landed roles in two upcoming films with Jennifer Garner [EW]

“I get some street cred living in New York. And people think you’re a better actor — hiring a ‘New York guy’ for a film in LA is like the producers splurging for expensive lighting equipment.” —New York actor Jesse Eisenberg on why he doesn’t move to L.A. [Gothamist]

“I just strapped those breasts down and went for it.” Cate Blanchett on playing Bob Dylan [W via People]

“Who’s going to catch me? These little Jimmy-come-lately Jimmy Kimmels? I’m the record holder!” Regis Philbin, who holds the Guinness World Record for most time spent on TV [TV Guide]

“I certainly have had more than my share of trouble with women. The food is 100% exactly like my life. I did park my car in the same area [in Chicago] and sit there in the middle of the night with Ho Hos and stuff.” Jeff Garlin on the autobiographical elements that he included in his film I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With [LAT] —Elizabeth Black

Jason Bateman Owes Film Career to Blackmail