Jay-Z Raps About Crack Again— All Is Forgiven!

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1. Jay-Z feat. Pharrell, “Blue Magic”
Jigga returns to reclaim what Clipse stole: a bunch of rhymes about pushing weight over a desolate beat. After the debacle that was Kingdom Come, it’s good to have the Ruler back. [Nah Right]

2. Emma Pollock, “Adrenaline”
The former singer of country-psych-rock favorites the Delgados is looking to invade an episode of Grey’s Anatomy near you. [UDrivel]

3. Will.I.Am, “Get Your Money”
Let it be known, ladies: Your career as a stripper will not prevent Will.I.Am from pitching woo! [Nobody Dance]

4. Kevin Drew, “Safety Bricks”
This strummy little throwaway comes care of a member of Broken Social Scene. Fun fact: By law, 75 percent of the people living in Ontario are members of BSS. [Rawkblog]

5. Imperial Teen, “One Two”
It’s songs like these that remind us that new wave wasn’t so bad (except Flock of Seagulls — they were pretty awful). [Depts]
—Kyle Anderson

Jay-Z Raps About Crack Again— All Is Forgiven!