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Jerry Seinfeld Takes Orders From a Higher Power

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“He insisted that I make a movie, and now four years later, I have now done that! Whatever he tells you to do, you have to do it, because he is the King of the Jews!” Jerry Seinfeld, who was encouraged by Steven Spielberg to make Bee Movie [Reuters]

“I’m not sure I should take it entirely as a compliment. Let me put it this way: People [are] saying, ‘You look like a fucking goblin!’” Martin Freeman on the rumor that he is being considered to play the title role in The Hobbit [MTV]

“Not only is it bright pink with the bell and streamers and the whole thing, but it has Hello Kitty tires. Every time I leave my apartment, my doorman just shakes his head.” Sarah Michelle Gellar on her bicycle [Self via E Online]

“I’m probably one of the four or five best-known Americans in the world.” Rudy Giuliani, who’s forgetting that there are now six Jolie-Pitts [USAT via AP]

“I’ve been outside. It’s not that great. Outdoor activities always tend to interrupt my napping and watching of Law & Order marathons.” Jim Gaffigan on why he’s glad summer is over [EW]

Jerry Seinfeld Takes Orders From a Higher Power