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Jon Stewart Asked to Host Oscars, Turns Into Real Boy

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“Whatever emotional hole I had in my soul vanished at that moment and I was complete.” Jon Stewart on what it means for him to host the Oscars again [Variety]

“I lost to Tony Bennett. It’s like losing to the Jefferson Memorial.” Lewis Black on his loss at the Emmys [Variety]

“You can’t believe IMDB or Wikipedia … I mean, they get everything wrong. They get where you were born wrong … Sometimes you just say things in interviews, you know, you just get bored and just say whatever comes to your head. I used to change my age all of the time because I wanted to be older for a part. And that shit comes and bites you in the ass later on.” —75-year-old Gina Gershon, who doesn’t think highly of IMDb.com [EW]

“The movies I’ve liked, comedy-wise — Billy Madison, The Jerk — always got terrible reviews. When our reviews came in, it was like, ‘Oh, we’re on the right track.’”Andy Samberg on Hot Rod’s bad reviews [NYP]

“That was literally going to be a very cheap gangster movie starring Kirk Douglas, and he made it something extraordinary.” George Lucas on his friend Francis Ford Coppola’s film The Godfather [TV Guide]
—Elizabeth Black

Jon Stewart Asked to Host Oscars, Turns Into Real Boy