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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your National Treasures

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Kennedy Center Honorees Announced: Martin Scorsese, Leon Fleisher, Diana Ross, Steve Martin, and Brian Wilson are announced as Kennedy Center Honors recipients and will be fêted in a December 2 ceremony in Washington. Immediately afterward, they will be frozen in carbonite and stored in the National Archives alongside all previous honorees. [Variety]

Wilson Praises the Sun: Meanwhile, Wilson premieres a new song cycle in London called “That Lucky Old Sun (A Narrative).” Way to stay busy, Wilson! What the hell have those other four honorees done lately? [NME]

Cheadle Checks In to Hotel: Don Cheadle signs to star alongside Emma Roberts in Hotel for Dogs, adaptation of Lois Duncan’s classic 1971 children’s novel. Now Cheadle just needs to star in an adaptation of John Irving’s The Hotel New Hampshire, and his Hotel Trilogy will be complete. [Variety]

No Simpsons Sequel in the Works: Translation of Al Jean’s denial: “Every day 20th Century Fox executives kidnap another one of our children, so it seems like we’ll be making the sequel soon.” [NYP]

Tron 2 Gets the Green Light: Let us toss our deadly neon Frisbee in the air in celebration! [HR]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your National Treasures