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Led Zep Not Ded Yet?

Photo: Robert Knight / Retna

Zeppelin Reunion Forthcoming?: Is the long-rumored Led Zeppelin reunion tour about to kick off in London? Advertisements in London papers appeared this week selling packages, though promoters tell fans not to buy tickets … yet. [NME]

Klaxons Win Mercury Prize: Beating Out Amy Winehouse, Dizzee Rascal, Jamie T, and Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons win the 2007 Mercury Prize for their album Myths of the Near Future. Overheard in the Vulture offices: “Well, that’s an interesting, horrible choice.” [Pitchfork]

Some Other Magazine Announces Festival Lineup: The New Yorker Festival lineup gets leaked or announced; we’re not sure which. We plan to fly around the world backward to reverse time if that’s what it takes to get a ticket to the “Superheroes” panel, with Tim Kring, Jonathan Lethem, Mike Mignola, and Grant Morrison. [emdashes]

Showtime in the Shit: Showtime’s genius new slogan: “The Best Shit on Television.” HBO soon to adopt “It’s Not TV, It’s HBO, Asshole.” [NYT]

MetaInterCostnerNets: Kevin Costner sends photo of Kevin Costner visiting blog devoted to getting Kevin Costner to send a photo of Kevin Costner visiting the blog. Funny, we would have expected this kind of bullshit from Ray Kurzweil. [If I Blog It They Will Come]

Led Zep Not Ded Yet?