Led Zeppelin Reunion To Be Terrible, Promises Robert Plant

Robert Plant, looking quite sluttish, lumbering.Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday at a press conference, it was made official that the long-rumored Led Zeppelin reunion will indeed take place — Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones are set to reform, with John Bonham’s son Jason playing drums, for a tribute show to deceased Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegün in London on November 26. Too bad it’ll be awful — even Plant thinks so!

Or he did, at least. In a September 2002 interview with Spin magazine, when asked why the band had not yet reunited for a tour with Jason Bonham on drums, he said this:

But what the fuck for? John Bonham’s kid isn’t as good as John Bonham. Look, I know you’re a journalist, so I’ll go along with this question. I don’t make my living by making a living. My time is so important that I can’t compromise my taste — or my idea of what’s right — simply to match someone else’s view of what’s a good, calculated move. And can you imagine what a lumbering monster that tour would have been? It would have been quite sluttish to come back firing like a bunch of hard rockers.

So when did he change his mind? Probably when he realized he could charge fans $250 a ticket to see a crappy drummer play with a trio of sluttish, lumbering hard rockers.

Update: Turns out Robert Plant was wrong! The show was the greatest thing ever that you weren’t rich enough to attend!

Led Zeppelin Reunion To Be Terrible, Promises Robert Plant