Lil Mama: Great Artist or the Greatest Artist?

Lil MamaPhoto: Getty Images

1. Lil Mama, “G-Slide/Tour Bus”
How is it possible that Lil’ Mama (who is listed as 18 but is probably 11) can combine a silly dance, a playground-song sample, and a chorus of kids and still remain unbearably great? Her lip gloss remains both fresh and poppin’. [Panda Toes]

2. Britney Spears featuring T.I., “Gimme More (Remix)”
Now this is more like it: Brit’s leaked disco-stravaganza cooks and crackles like fry-pan bacon, and mashing it up with some of T.I.’s best gun-in-your-mouth verses makes it even crispier. [Wongie’s]

3. Tiny Masters of Today, “Hey Mr. DJ (CSS Remix)”
Tiny Masters of Today are part of the new kinder-core movement, featuring bands comprised entirely of children (see Care Bears on Fire, The). It comes across as a sort of hipster child abuse, but the wacky Brazilians of CSS twist and distort the drums and vocals into vocorder-overloading goodness. [World’s Fair]

4. Betty Davis, “I Will Take That Ride With You (I’m Mighty Thirsty)”
The woman for whom “Bitches Brew” was written is back care of some excellent reissues. This super-sexy slow burn of a jam is sweaty-good and even reveals where John Stamos stole the “Have mercy” catchphrase. Uncle Jesse’s a thief! [Horse Latitudes]

5. Kanye West feat. Mos Def, “Goodnight”
This track was left off Graduation, and it’s no mystery why: Mos Def seems to have contracted Reverse Midas Syndrome, where everything he touches turns to garbage. [Nah Right]
—Kyle Anderson

Lil Mama: Great Artist or the Greatest Artist?