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Master P and Seth Green Together at Last

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Master P, Seth Green to Play the Industry: Rapper Master P and Seth Green will collaborate on an original hip-hop role-playing game for P’s P Miller Enterprises titled Play the Industry, officially completing hip-hop’s epic journey from the streets of inner-city America to the basements of 35-year-old white men everywhere. [HR]

Halloween Slashes Sixth Sense: The $31 million gross of Rob Zombie’s Halloween overtakes the previous Labor Day–weekend box-office record held by M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense. Suggested Paul Dergarabedian analysis: “Audiences still want to ‘see dead people,’ they just want to see Michael Myers kill them first.” [HR]

R.E.M. Being Vague: Mike Mills of R.E.M. tells Billboard that R.E.M.’s upcoming album is somewhere between “two-thirds to three-quarters” completed and that it may or may not be a guitar-dominated hard-rock album. Album is expected to be purchased by two-thirds to three-quarters of the people who bought the last one. [Billboard]

24 Supporting Character to Oppose Jack Bauer: General Hospital star Annie Wersching will appear on the forthcoming seventh season of 24 as an FBI agent in an adversarial position to Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. Move is regarded as sharp departure for the Fox actioner, as previous seasons have revolved around government agents treating Bauer to cupcakes and chamomile tea while painting his toenails. [HR]

Venice Fest No Fun: The Venice Film Festival continues with Brian De Palma’s Iraq-war drama Redacted, Paul Haggis’s Iraq-war drama In the Valley of Elah, Lebanese director Phillippe Aractingi’s Lebanon-Israel-war drama Under the Bombs, and Israeli helmer Amos Gitai’s Gaza-set drama Disengagement, all presented under the festival’s overall theme of “Films Those Assholes at Vulture Can’t Possibly Tell Jokes About.” [Variety]

Master P and Seth Green Together at Last