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Jerry Bruckheimer Back to What He Does Best: Blowing Shit Up

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Bruckheimer Back in the Action Game: Jerry Bruckheimer will produce Nine Lives by Jonathan Hensleigh, bought off a pitch by Disney for $1.75 million. As Hensleigh previously wrote Con Air, The Rock, and Armageddon, this movie will rock 15-year-old boys’ worlds. [Variety]

Katzenberg Defends Spielberg: DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg has his buddy Steven Spielberg’s back, as he reasonably points out to Viacom that “To suggest that not having Steven Spielberg is completely immaterial seems ill-advised.” Variety transforms that calm statement into the delightful headline KATZ SHOWS CLAWS. [Defamer]

NBC Offers Free Downloads: A week after pulling its content from iTunes, NBC has announced plans to make its shows available for free download a week after they air. The video files won’t play on iPods and will work for only seven days, after which they’ll presumably explode and burn your face off Kid Nation style. [NYT]

NYP Gets Cultural: The Post is launching PostScript, a cultural-ideas supplement, starting this Sunday. We could spend a million years without coming up with a better joke than Balk’s “Deconstructed Body in Topless Bar,” so we won’t even try. [Gawker]

Dylan Was Awesome, Man: Bob Dylan’s show in Nashville was apparently epic, including a surprise opening act by Elvis Costello and a duet with Jack White, who apparently needs something to do now that Meg is nervous. [Pop Candy]

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun: We’re all doomed. [CNN]

Jerry Bruckheimer Back to What He Does Best: Blowing Shit Up