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Paul Haggis Is Nicer Than You, Sucker

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In the constant game of one-upsmanship that is Hollywood publicity, Paul Haggis is taking things in another direction: aggressive niceness. Today’s Washington Post profile of the In the Valley of Elah director, in which Haggis is modest, self-effacing, and generous with his time to the point of offering to help exterminate roaches in the author’s apartment, suggests that Haggis is shrewdly upping the ante in Hollywood friendliness.

Ron Howard, you’re legendary for your friendliness? Reese Witherspoon, you’re gracious and kind to everyone you talk to? Tough shit! Paul Haggis is the new King of Nice, and expect him to remain so until next week, when There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson, desperate to help his movie in the marketplace, donates a kidney to a reporter from GQ.

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Paul Haggis Is Nicer Than You, Sucker