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Ryan Adams’s Tantrum-Throwing Ability on the Decline

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The Things That Pass for Meltdowns These Days! A Minneapolis performance by Ryan Adams ended abruptly last night after the crazy singer complained about the sound mix onstage, then walked offstage after playing for only 70 minutes. Remember when he punched a guy for requesting “Summer of ‘69?” [AP]

Netflix Adds Mind-Reading Function: Netflix has updated its search engine to include auto-complete suggestions, meaning you don’t need to know how to spell a movie’s title to add it to your queue. This is great news for us as we’ve been trying to rent Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi for the past three years. [Hacking Netflix]

Robert Plant Finally Talks Some Sense Into Robert Plant: Ending weeks of speculation, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has announced that the band will not tour following their reunion show in November, since even he thinks that would be a terrible idea. [Uncut via MTV]

Kanye West: Jerk! Kanye West has been phoning critics who gave Graduation a bad review. And all we ever get are angry text messages from Jack White. [Intel]

SpongeBob Thinks You’re Fat: Nickelodeon will broadcast three hours of dead air on Saturday in a bid to get children to go outside and play. Or drink bleach and burn their faces on a stove. Whichever. [AP]

Ryan Adams’s Tantrum-Throwing Ability on the Decline