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Sally Field to Reenact Worst-Ever Night at Theater

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Field to Play Lincoln: Sally Field will star as Mary Todd Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming biopic Lincoln, provided she can keep her Tourette’s syndrome under control. [Newsweek]

McCartney to Soundtrack Shrek 4? NME reports that Paul McCartney is in talks to write the soundtrack for the forthcoming third sequel to Shrek. [NME]

Rotten Shit-Talks: In a new interview, Sex Pistols mouthpiece Johnny Rotten says, “The Ramones to me were never really punk; they were closer to Status Quo” and “I never considered the Clash punk,” and he calls Nirvana “a kind of record company ploy, to rephrase punk in a manufacturable way.” Also, he was underwhelmed by The Savage Detectives. [Spin]

Anderson Short to Debut on iTunes: Wes Anderson’s short film Hotel Chevalier (in which Natalie Portman purportedly gets naked) will make its debut on the Internet this week to promote his new The Darjeeling Limited in theaters on Saturday. Usually movies open on Fridays and people have to pay to see nudity, but, hey, it’s Wes Anderson and he’s quirky! [WSJ]

Adios, YouTube: YouTube is reportedly making plans to stream 30-second ads before all of their videos beginning sometime in 2008, which means you only have so long to enjoy this guy commercial-free. [Direct Traffic]

That Video? Nope, it’s not her.

Sally Field to Reenact Worst-Ever Night at Theater