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‘Dirty Sexy Money’ Delivers on All Three Counts

Courtesy of ABC

So. Dirty Sexy Money. What can we say that we didn’t already say in our review of the pilot four months ago? Not much, since we missed last night’s premiere by mistake. (Obviously, we had to watch Kid Nation three or four times, and before we knew it, it was past our bedtime. Oops.) But we promise to watch next week’s episode, because judging from the recaps and reviews out there, everybody else seems to think that Money is Dallas reinvented, with bonus hedonism and wit. Kind of like Josh Schwartz, but way better and for grown-ups.

If you want your basic straightforward recap, Television Without Pity is your place to go. But let’s just focus on why Money could, quite possibly, rock our prime-time soapy world.

The show revolves around the delightfully rich and fucked-up Darling family, the members of which exchange dialogues loaded with zingers while being drunk and possibly having quite serious sex with a transsexual. What’s not to like? TV Squad says these folks recall the Bluths from Arrested Development — which, in our humble (yet completely correct!) opinion, is about as high of a compliment as a show can get out of the gate. BuddyTV raves of scenes full of “rich, drunken awesomeness” and declares the show to be “quite possibly” the king of well-written pilots.

To be fair, Gawker thinks the show is “irredeemably bad,” though they only back up their case with a context-less video snippet. Hm. Still — rich people! Being sassy! And drunk! Those are the kind of entertaining virtues that Vulture can always get behind.

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‘Dirty Sexy Money’ Delivers on All Three Counts