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Spider-Man to Play Robot

Photo: Getty Images

Maguire Says Yes to Robotech: Tobey Maguire has signed on to produce and possibly star in a movie version of the eighties anime cartoon show Robotech, which is about a future war between giant robots and aliens. Christ, what a geek. [HR]

Gainsbourg Doing Even Better: Following her recent emergency brain surgery, French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg’s condition has been upgraded from “okay” to “excellent,” which, after emergency brain surgery, is probably about as good as anyone can possibly hope for. [BBC]

New iPods to be Worthless: Apple says its new iPod Touch will not be able to download MP3s over its wi-fi connection, meaning you’ll still need a computer to pirate music, sadly. [Wired]

Wes Anderson Says No to Naked Portman: According to boob fanatic Jeffrey Wells, a short film featuring Natalie Portman’s first-ever nude scene which was to precede Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited will not be shown in theaters but will rather appear on the Internet and the film’s DVD. [Cinematical]

Her Again? Björk has announced plans to release another new album before the end of the year. If it sounds anything like Volta, Vulture would like to announce plans not to listen to it. [Billboard]

Spider-Man to Play Robot