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Steve Carell Recalls Best-Ever Trip to Men’s Room

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“I think Sacha Baron Cohen is a really talented and funny guy. And Dave Chappelle. I met him at a urinal at the NBA All-Star game, so that was my favorite trip to the men’s room ever.” Steve Carell on who makes him laugh [Elle via Just Jared]

“I called them up to see if I could get on the show. I was like ‘Am I famous enough that I can call and ask to be on Sesame Street?’ And I guess I was.” Seth Green on how he got his role as a mailman who delivered letters of the alphabet [AV Club]

“We’re thrilled to be featuring Nirvana songs exclusively throughout this chilling episode about two seemingly nihilistic male teens who may have been falsely accused and convicted of murdering three 10-year-old boys. Nirvana’s music not only evokes the era when this case’s killings took place but brings a starkness and poetry to the story that deeply enhances it.” —Cold Case producer Veena Sud, who doesn’t get why Kurt Cobain killed himself [CBS via The Futon Critic]

“[He] is a better drummer than me.” Phil Collins on the gorilla who plays the drums to “In the Air Tonight” in a Cadbury commercial [NME]

“I always felt I was miscast.” Dustin Hoffman’s take on his breakout role in The Graduate [SF Chronicle]

Steve Carell Recalls Best-Ever Trip to Men’s Room