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Ten Things That Probably Stressed Out Meg White

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As you might’ve heard, the White Stripes canceled their fall tour this morning citing Meg White’s “acute anxiety” and inability to travel in a note on their official Website. Obviously this bums us out to no end since Meg is our favorite drummer and by far our favorite member of the White Stripes. But what’s to blame for her breakdown? We speculate:

1. The cleaners keep washing her whites with her blacks and reds.

2. Difficulty of remembering drum part to “Seven Nation Army.”

3. The emotional scarring of having accidentally married her brother.

4. Exhausted from constantly having to talk Jack out of regrowing his mustache.

5. Kanye West not winning a single award at the VMAs — seriously, what was that?!

6. Secretly wants to wear orange, just once.

7. Jack’s insistence on recording the next White Stripes album with just a megaphone and a wax cylinder.

8. Upset about Vulture’s review of the band’s MSG show. Whoops!

9. Wants to try one of her songs for a change.

10. Is actually a great drummer; sick of holding self back to fit Jack’s idea of primitivism.

We love you Meg, get well soon!

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Ten Things That Probably Stressed Out Meg White