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‘The Brave One’: A.O. Scott Gets His Sense of Humor Back!

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Last week we got worried about New York Times reviewer A.O. Scott’s sense of humor, when he wrote a scolding review of Shoot ‘Em Up, the Greatest Intentionally Absurd Action Movie Ever Made. But this week, funny A.O. Scott has returned, and — needless to say — it’s Homer Simpson who brings him back. In his review of the Jodie Foster–killing–bad–guys movie The Brave One, Scott writes:

When told of the mandatory 30-day waiting period for a legal purchase at a downtown gun store, [Foster] replies, “I need something now,” perhaps unwittingly echoing one of Homer Simpson’s greatest lines.

Now that’s the A.O. Scott we know and love! Not only is that a classic Simpsons reference — “Five days? But I’m mad now,” Homer memorably whines in 5F01, “The Cartridge Family” — but it’s effectively employed, taking the piss out of a movie that Scott seems to think takes itself far too seriously. Well played, A.O. Scott!

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‘The Brave One’: A.O. Scott Gets His Sense of Humor Back!