The Emmys: Who Got Censored and Why

It may very well be the Season of the Wang, but that doesn’t mean Emmy winners can go around using swear words! Who fell victim to the show’s dreaded seven-second delay last night?

Who: Sally Field

What she said: “Let’s face it — if the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn war.”

Why she got censored: Lefties are claiming that it was her antiwar comments on a Murdoch-owned network, but since Bush humor accounted for nearly all the jokes that weren’t about Hayden Panettiere reaching the age of consent, this is doubtful. Also, because “goddamn” is no longer an FCC-prohibited profanity, we can only assume that in the time the cameras cut away, Sally Field performed “Dick in a Box” in its entirety before flashing her nipple.

Who: Ray Romano

What he said: “Kelsey Grammer is fucking my wife. Shame on you, we have TV children!”

Why he got censored: Because no one wants to hear about Kelsey Grammer fucking anything. Also, you’re not allowed to say “fuck” on a network-televised awards show unless you’re Bono. Or unless you’ve just lost the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series to James Spader.

Who: Katherine Heigl

What she said: “Shit.”

Why she got censored: Because we all know what happens when stars of Grey’s Anatomy use foul language — Ben Silverman gives them new jobs at NBC!

The Emmys: Who Got Censored and Why