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The ‘Indiana Jones’ Extra and the Nondisclosure Agreement of Doom

Tyler Nelson, defier of nondisclosure agreements, gravity.Photo:

Last week we told you about Tyler Nelson, the overeager 23-year old Oklahoman cast as a Russian dancer in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, who violated a nondisclosure agreement and gave an interview to his local newspaper, the Edmond Sun, leaking lots of important plot details. This morning, the New York Post reports that a “furious” Steven Spielberg has cut Nelson’s only scene — one in which he “celebrates Indy’s capture by dancing to balalaika folk music” — from the film (thank God, because that part sounds totally stupid). “Who knows whether that particular person will ever work in this town again?” wonders Spielberg spokesman Martin Levy.

After news of the spoilers broke on Aint It Cool News last Tuesday, the Sun, at Nelson’s request, pulled the interview from their Website (though it’s still available, along with the flattering photo above, here via Google’s cache), which seems like a really funny thing for a newspaper to do. Even funnier, is that Aint It Cool News, a site ostensibly dedicated to spoiling movies, also removed their story (we’ll tell you why just as soon as Harry Knowles returns our phone call).

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The ‘Indiana Jones’ Extra and the Nondisclosure Agreement of Doom