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The Next Stage in David Hasselhoff’s Career Resurrection Has Begun

Courtesy of NBC and David Hasselhoff Online

NBC Revives Knight Rider: Just as Battlestar Galactica and Bionic Woman were giving remakes of cheesy sci-fi TV a good name, along comes NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman to revive Knight Rider in an enhanced, Transformers-inspired form in which KITT will change shapes and may possibly fight an evil car. Doug Liman is producing and may direct a two-hour movie/pilot. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please cast the Hoff. [Variety]

Redford Stands Against All Enemies: Robert Redford will helm a feature adaptation of Richard Clarke’s controversial memoir Against All Enemies, which charged that the Bush administration was insufficiently attentive to concerns about Al Qaeda before 9/11. In related news, a White House spokesman has announced plans to convert Park City, Utah, into a uranium dump. [Variety]

Will and Ed Seek Truth in Advertising: Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh could co-star in TNT’s new drama Truth in Advertising, which is, naturally, set in an advertising agency. TNT execs were reportedly seeking their own Mad Men, only with less smoking and more mugging. [HR]

Scorsese to Direct Harrison Doc: Martin Scorsese will direct an untitled documentary on the life of George Harrison, with the full cooperation of the Harrison family. The defiant Uwe Boll released a separate statement vowing that his forthcoming Life of Federline will reach theaters first and steal Scorsese’s thunder. [Variety]

Kweli, Snoop to Go Hi-Tek: Talib Kweli and Snoop Dogg will make appearances on producer Hi-Tek’s new album, Hi-Teknology, Vol. 3: Underground. Tek describes the sound of Vol. 3 as “poppy, upbeat, and a little corny, but still hot.” Just like us! [Billboard]

The Next Stage in David Hasselhoff’s Career Resurrection Has Begun