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The Season of the Wang Is Under Way

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Today’s Observer checks in on Hollywood’s current willingness to show off the junk of its male stars, taking note of Viggo Mortensen’s nude knife-fight in Eastern Promises, as well as scenes in Into the Wild, Tell Me You Love Me, and Lust, Caution.

We’re not totally onboard with their thesis, since the shocking Tell Me You Love Me hand job with which author Sara Vilkomerson leads is (presumably) done with a prosthetic — and the ratio of, say, female pubic hair to male pubic hair in Lust, Caution and Tell Me You Love Me is like 10 to 1. Also, we’re not sure you can really tie the glut of onscreen penises, as the Observer does, to “the age of Hillary.”

But hey, we are totally happy to declare fall 2007 the Season of the Dick. Which celebrity will unleash his manhood next? And isn’t Ewan McGregor totally rolling his eyes right now?

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The Season of the Wang Is Under Way