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Uh, So We Watched ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Last Night…

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… And, like, how did they film that one sex scene? With the young couple? Where you, like, where you, um, totally see his … well, let’s come right out and say it: You see the guy’s nuts. We have never seen that before in any non-porn movie or TV show. We honestly don’t know, physically, how a director would pull that off, though we are in awe at the devotion to onscreen sexual authenticity such a moment suggests.

We totally liked the show, for what it’s worth, especially the way it toggles from being really, really easy to watch (when hot people get naked) and really, really hard to watch (when the couple with kids completely fails to have the night of romance he’d promised her that morning). We’re not totally convinced the graphic sex is necessary, but it sure is impressive.

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Uh, So We Watched ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Last Night…